Marketing Coordinator

The Vancouver Island Gourmet Sandwich Company Ltd.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Permanent | Full-time

CA$32-36 (hourly)

Marketing / Advertising / PR / Experience is an asset


Nov 17

Job Location 1002 Goldstream Ave #3, Victoria, BC V9B 2Y5

Terms of Employment: Full-time, Permanent

Working Hours: 35 - 40 hours per week

Language of Work: English

Company Info:

The Gourmet Sandwich offers trusted source for delectable, handcrafted food products that have been a staple of Vancouver Island for nearly two decades. Established in 2005, our company takes immense pride in crafting high-quality sandwiches, subs, and pepperoni items, delighting the palates of customers across this stunning island.

For the purpose of business expansion, we hope to recruit an experienced Marketing Coordinator to help enhance our visibility in the Metro Vancouver area. If you are interested in this position, please feel free to contact us!

Job Duties: 

1.Formulate marketing strategies, identify unique selling propositions, and select effective advertising channels based on the distinctive features of our sandwich products featured on the menu.

2.Develop comprehensive marketing strategies encompassing social media platforms, video-sharing websites, and other interactive channels to launch new promotions and product advertisements.

3.Collect industry information, conduct research, and promptly identify the development trends and hot topics in the food industry.

4.Analyze previous marketing projects and campaigns with respect of sales data, online engagement, and customer feedback. Provide insights for future sandwich flavors and innovative menu item development.

5.Utilize digital marketing channels, operate the company’s social media accounts, maintain their activity across various platforms by engaging KOLs, and influencers, and encouraging comments and reviews as subtle advertising and promotion.

6.Maintain long-term positive relationships with clients and partners across various marketing channels to ensure timely deployment of promotional activities.

7.Operate the company website, and conduct regular search engine optimization for company product and relative keywords.

8.Prepare and design materials for public relations and offline appeal such as posters, brochures, presentations and other advertising materials to engage B2B customers.

9.Collaborate with the product and sales team to gather progress and insights into the product performance and align marketing efforts with overall business goals.

10.Represent the company at seminars and networking events related to professionals in the food industry.


1.A college diploma or above in business administration, marketing, public relations, economics or other related discipline is required.

2.At least 1 year of previous relevant work experience is highly preferred. Understanding of the food manufacturing industry or vertical is an asset.

3.Strong written and verbal communication abilities.

4.Solid understanding of marketing principles and techniques and the ability to implement effective marketing tactics to achieve promotional outcomes.

5.Good organizational and time management abilities.

6.Familiar with digital marketing and analytical skills to interpret marketing data and metrics.

7.Knowledge of B2B marketing, with a focus on strategy development and campaign execution.

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